Peer-Review Process

Submitted articles to the journal of Depiction of Health are sent for the reviewer in case of observing the structure of the text and compliance with the aims and scope of the journal. 
Articles are reviewed in a double-blind manner, which means that during the reviewing process the names of the authors are unknown to the reviewers and vice versa. The journal follows a “quick decision” process, with a maximum of two weeks for deciding whether to enter peer reviewing process and a maximum of six weeks for peer reviewing process.
Each article is sent to two peer reviewers and a reviewer of statistics. The Editor-in-Chief evaluates the comments of reviewers and in case of clear discrepancies in the comments, the article is sent to the fourth reviewer. The comments of the reviewers and the decision of the Editor-in-Chief for accepting, reviewing (general or partial correction) or rejecting the article will be sent to the authors. The comments also include feedback on technical requirements and structural errors in the manuscript. The authors must submit the revised version containing the response to the reviewers within four weeks.
Reviewed articles with reflected results which are not responded back by the authors in four weeks will be excluded from the reviewing process and the authors are required to resubmit the article if they wish to publish.
The revised version of the article is reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief for acceptance, rejection or revision. The article is reviewed by the relevant officer in terms of observing the technical requirements and writing structure of the journal and after the shortcomings are resolved by the authors, it is sent simultaneously for language editing (Persian and English).
The average time from submission to publication in Depiction of Health is approximately 5 months.