Depiction of Health. 2021;12(3): 262-272. doi: 10.34172/doh.2021.26

Original Article

Determinants of Hospital Length of Stay among Burn Patients Using Quantile Regression

Kavous Shahsavarinia 1 ORCID, Hassan Soleimanpour 2 ORCID, Sepideh Harzand Jadidi 1, Mohammad Saadati 1 ORCID, Aida Javanmardi 2, Gilani Neda 3 * ORCID

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1- Ademola S, Michael A, Iyun A, Isamah C, Aderibigbe R, Olawoye O, Oluwatosin O. Current Trend in the Epidemiology of Thermal Burn Injury at a Tertiary Hospital in South Western Nigeria. 2024;45(1):190 [Crossref]